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Why The Wait For The ID&TS 2020 Is A Test For All

If like me you have already heard enough about what will happen at the ID&TS 2020 to know you want to go then you know the struggle.

With talk of new awards, a bigger banquet with time travelling and other dimensions who can be surprised.

ID&TS 2020

This next year is going to seem very long.

If like me you just want to grab people and talk about the show it may also be long for them lol.

We already know that the artists who will be there are so truly talented.

And I was so pleased at just how fast this years vendors spots filled up.

There is also a long waiting list now as well.

Lots of the exhibitors that booked for next years show are return vendors.

If this carries on, and each vendor books the following year as well, we will soon need to book out the entire hotel.

But then with the best show hosts running to show is it really any surprise that it is doing so well.

I can not wait, and I mean genuinely can not wait for the show to come around.

My dress for the banquet is ordered although I may have to find someone who is very talented at sewing to make a few changes for me.

But I do at least know my outfit for the 1920s Masked banquet.

So if you are feeling like me then do not worry.

You are not alone, it will be a long year for us all.

But the ID&TS 2020 will be worth this sttuggle.

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