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Twisted Beanstalks Circus Themed Rose Booth

The Twisted Beanstalk always does the best booths. This years Rose booth brings all the fun of the fair. What an amazing and unique display.


These babies have so much character.

I just love her vision for them.

So many amazing babies in such a small space.


The circus theme was a really great idea.

It brings so much fun to the whole show and it is an idea that is truly a Twisted Beanstalk idea.

So now that the show is at an end these babies will have to return home.

I would love to see the babies in their new homes.


But I have to say that the circus theme was really awesome.

It was a good way to have some fun with it.

Everyone who has met Shanine will know that she is so much fun.

She is a real treat to be around.




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