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Super Cheap Drink And Wet Silicone Baby

This full body drink and wet silicone baby is currently being sold very cheap on ebay.

I am not the artist of this doll.

Drink and wet full body silicone baby

Solid full silicone baby 19″ BOY anatomically correct custom drink wet available.

Only $769.00

**** Please do not message asking me to reduce the price or make a baby for free…..

Silicone babies are extremely expensive to make as well as to buy currently, not to mention the hours and hours of artistry and effort that go into them.

I am aware of the the high prices and I am offering them at the lowest possible price right now, and due material costs and selling fees.

I will most likely be raising the price in the very near future as silicone prices are going up progressively.

So, please consider I am creating these babies at very little profit so customers can experience a silicone baby affordably.

Thank you for understanding.

That being said,

Adorable FULL body silicone reborn baby doll, custom made and ready to ship!!!!

Drink and wet full body silicone baby

FULL body silicone, no joints, 19″ long and weighing approx a chunky 8.5 lbs.

This little one bends JUST like a real baby!!!

He has boy parts as well.

You can bathe him, brush his hair and pose him in dozens of ways!

Micro rooted by ME with virgin mohair in wavy soft blonde this sleepy little one is ready for you to snuggle!!

He does not take a bottle or binky in his mouth but I CAN open his mouth for 25.00 and will include as props if you choose to keep it closed!

Comes with diaper, newborn hat, and authentic hospital receiving blanket as well as box opening.

He may have tiny silicone imperfections/light seamlines common with full bodied dolls,(I like to call them birth marks) but nothing super noticeable.

Made to your specs.


I can also add drink and wet system for 125.00 Ready in approx 4-6 weeks !

I also have other custom babies available as well.

Please feel free to contact me for info!

Check out my other babies!
If you have zero feedback, please contact me before bidding.

* I do not sculpt these babies, I am simply the artist that brings them to life through the intricate re-borning process, painting them with layers of heat set paint, mottling, veining and then rooting each piece of mohair singly, on both head and eyelashes.

Thank you for your interest!!!

Click here to see the full ebay listing of this drink and wet silicone baby.

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  1. I’m wondering if there are girl ones with eyes that can open and close, drink, wet, ect? Please don’t be upset with me asking

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