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How To Avoid Being A Total Fan Head At ID&TS 2020

So how can you avoid being a complete and utter fan head at the ID&TS 2020?

Well bottom line is you can’t.

ID&TS 2020

No matter who you are there will always be that person that you stop and think, aahhhhhhh I’m standing next to so and so.

I know that some of you have already had this experience and with next year set to be my first show I am likely to suffer from this.

It is one of the most surreal starstruck feeling.

All of these people that you my have seen online and maybe followed the work of and suddenly you are in the same room as them.

So just know that if this does happen to you that you are not alone.

Has this ever happened to you?

If so who was it and what happened?

Or are you due to go to a show and have someone that you are eager to see.

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