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Get Inside The Head Of Loved Much Silicones

When you meet someone as talented and fun as Laeni from Loved Much Silicones you just know she is someone who we want to know.

Her babies are super adorable and her skills are off the chart.

Loved much silicones

Her energy for her art and love of the dolls enables her to provide us with the most amazing dolls.

So I wanted to get inside this fabulous ladies head.

Q1. When did you make your first silicone and do you still have that baby?

A1. 4 years ago , she was Matilda by Elsie Rodriguez , I had to sell her to be able to afford my second silicone kit.

Q2. What is it about silicones you love so much?

A2. The thing about silicones that I love so much is their realism ❤️

Q3. What did your family think when you first told them?

A3. My family was happy and intrigued by my Art. My number one fans are my family ❤️

Q4. How many babies do you think you have brought to life to date?

A4. Soo many I lost count ❤️

Q5. You are a regular at ID&TS, what brings you back year after year?

A5. My addiction to IDTS lol – the people. The art. The holiday. The excitement. IDTS is more than a doll show – it’s a reunion of friends, of family ❤️ it’s a place where our love of the art brings us together for a week to share, love and laugh ❤️

Q6. How do you juggle a successful business and young children

A6. It’s hectic. I get up early around 4.30am and that’s when the juggling begins lol. I work 7 days a week – lucky for me I love my work ❤️ weekends are my most productive days when my partner is home to take care of the kids.

Q7. Do you have a favourite sculpt currently?

A7. My favorite sculpt at the moment …. mmmmm …. I Love Jade by Linda Moore , Cast and Mold by D3. I am also in Love with “Millie” a baby still being sculpted by Izzy Zhao ❤️

Q8. What has been your favourite sculpt to date?

A8. My favorite baby to date – every sculpt when I receive them is my new “favorite” I get so excited and am like “omg , this one is the best” ?

Q9. Is there any artist that you look up to?

A9. Ooo that’s a hard question – I look up to so many artists – but if I am to choose one – I really admire Susan Dizon Gibbs – her artwork is incredible ❤️

Q10. What would you be doing if the dolls were not a thing?

A10. If it wasn’t for dolls – who knows what I’d be doing ? my past resume has a colourful collection of occupations – from woman’s boxing coach, accounts, personal assistant ?

loved much silicone

Q11. How do you relax after a show?

A11. Was wonderful to spend time with close friends after the doll show – they welcomed us into their home – it was so relaxing. We are excellant food, I had a cocktail to spoil myself – and we just laughed any stress away.

Q12 . What is your build up routine for a show?

A12. Building up for a show – for me – I don’t think I had a routine – work hard and stay focussed on my goal.

Q13. What has been your most memorable ID&TS moment to date?

A13. Too many memorable moments ? winning my award… kareoke … the moment I accidently yelled “baby” at the baby shower ?

Q14. Which awards have you won down the years.

A14. I’ve only ever entered one competition … in my life … and only ever won one award ❤️ 2019 Advanced Silicone Baby of the year ❤️

Q15. How long on average would you say each doll takes you?

A15. Maybe 2 weeks -3 weeks on average. With hair . Some can take longer , some less.
I generally allow a month for each doll from start to finish.

Q16 . Is there any technique you feel you would like to improve on?

A16. I’m always looking to learn and improve ❤️

Q17. As you approach your 40th, how do you stay so young and youthful?

A17. Lol I’m nearly 40! Eeekkk scary. I actually am slack at the moment – I don’t do a lot for myself at all. I think age is just a number – being young at heart is the trick ❤️

Q18. Do you have any plans yet for your ID&TS 2020 booth. With out giving details of course as next years best booth gets an award.

A18. Mmmmm well I don’t think I’ll win that award lol – but I’ll try. Uncle Matt on a rocking chair…. naked ?

Q19. Best moment of being an artist so far?

A19. Best moment – that proud moment when i closed my eyes in Disneyworld – and realised my art had made my dreams come true ❤️ I was there. There in Disney, in America ❤️

Q20. Your hopes for the future with Loved Much Silicones?

A20. My hopes for my future – to always make beautiful babies, to be a sort after artist that is able to return yearly to IDTS . For my art to develop and to be able to look back and say “Wow , look how far I’ve come!”

I have to say that this lady is just as awesome as she seems.

I can not wait until I get the privilege of meeting her in person next year.

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