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Exclusive ID&TS 2020 Banquet News.

With ID&TS 2020 plans underway I know we are all excited to find out exactly what is going to be there.

And trust me this was so worth the wait.

So after being given the privilege of spending a little time inside Georgies head I can reveal the following.

ID&TS 2020

You may already know that the banquet is going to be a 1920s masquerade ball.

But did you know it is going to be a Halloween masquerade ball?

So picture this, you dressed in your best 1920s outfit and by the way you look spectacular.

Upon entering the venue you are met by friends.

You are escorted through the curtains to the banquet hall and are transported back in time.

You leave 2020 behind and you enter a ballroom from 1920s.

October 31st 1920 to be exact.

ID&TS 2020

You are quite literally walking into a ball from the past.

Sounds cool right?

Do you think it can’t get any better?

Well then you don’t know Georgie and Stacey.

So the finer details.

Guests of the ball will look so stunning.

In contrast to this the servers and staff will still be dressed in 1920s attire.

But unlike the guests they will have ashen faces.

Well what do you expect, they have been at this party for 100 years.

As you enter the room you are greeted by a scene of graceful, ballroom dancers that will sweep you off your feet and leave you memorized.

Surrounding you is a breathe taking theme of white and black.

With a black and white ceiling, pumpkins and tables to name just few things.

Even though it is a Halloween style don’t worry it is not at all scarey.

ID&TS 2020

The whole thing is classy and elegant.

With crystals snd candles all around.

The music is such a fabulous mix of 1920s music and halloween music.

So yes you can get your thriller on.

The veil between the 2020 and 1920s will come down on this one special night thanks to the magic of the ID&TS.

You are going to love this night.

It is the most exciting thing I have heard for a long time.

We are truly being spoilt and will feel like true VIPs.

ID&TS 2020

This is the sort of inspiration and elegance you will see on the night.

But don’t forget at the stroke of midnight the magic ends.

And just like that the veil goes back up and you are back in 2020.

This is going to be awesome.

Can it be 2020 already??

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