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Reborn Toddler Boy For Sale

This completely adorable reborn toddler boy is currently for sale on ebay.

I am not the artist of this baby.

Reborn toddler boy




doll# 157

Limited edition #66/550

He is a Samira kit sculpted by Conny Burke.

Alejandro has full arms and bent lengs and cloth body.

Eye size: 24 mm.

He has a perfect soft creamy complexion, stunning rooted brown mohair.

Alejandro realistic skin tone was obtained by many layers of Genesis Heat set paint applied and heat cured between each thin layer, and sealed with a permanent matte varnish sealer.

His skin is transparent with subtle veining and capillaries showing through his skin.

Perfectly achieved to get the most realistic living feeling.

To achieve the weight and feel of a real life baby his limbs and body were strategically weighted using a combination of fine glass beads, and supreme poly fiber, his nails are painted very naturally and look so realistic.

They have been sealed with a permanent satin varnish His mohair was micro-rooted using a German forked needle that roots only 1 or 2 hairs at a time.

Reborn toddler boy

~Detalis at a glace~

~Genesis Heat set Paint and mate varnish~

~Nostrils has painted for added depth and realism~

~Subtle veining and capillaries~

~Beautifully colored and slightly textured living skin~

~Very natural realistic nails, sealed with a permanent satin varnish~

~Micro rooted eyelashes and eyebrows~

~Meticulously micro rooted mohair using 40 gauge rooting needle hair~

~Coming Home~

~Light blue and white stripe shrite with beige shorts ~

~Red bow tie and suspenders set, Black pattent shoes~

~Straw hat and sunglasses~

~Plaid shrit and denim pants~

light blue one piece romper short​​​​​​​

~ Le Ruban Rose Birth Certificate ~

~Le Ruban Rose care instructions~

Limited edition certificate 66/550

Reborn toddler boy

Click here to see the full ebay listing for this reborn toddler boy.

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