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Full Body Silicone Baby Girl For Sale

This full body silicone baby girl is currently for sale on ebay.

I am neither the artist of sculptor of this doll.

♡ Full Body Silicone Baby Girl ♡ fb Reborn Art Doll ♡
♡ Super-Soft Silicone ♡

Silicone baby girl

Length ~ 16″

Date of Birth ~ 30th May 2019

Weight ~ 4lb 10oz

You will receive Bow exquisitely wrapped in a luxury box opening.

She will come home with her certificates, care instructions and a selection of beautiful items.

Props and items featured in the photos are not included

My love of creating one of a kind dolls stems from my Special Effects background in film and TV.

My qualifications include a BA (Hons) Character Creations & Technical Effects (1st Class Degree), and my experience includes working on a host of films and adverts filmed at many World renowned Studios including Elstree and Three Mills.

My work in Special Effects also led me into life casting, for which I additionally also enjoy working as a print taker; life casting and making impressions of babies hands and feet in clay.

My reborning career started out with vinyl dolls, and soon branched into sculpting and creating my own full body silicone dolls.

This has been my main focus for a number of years now, and I love every minute of it!

I am constantly striving to create the most realistic baby I can, incorporating new techniques and forever improving.

~ This baby is entirely of my own making ~ right from sculpting, to moulding, casting, painting and rooting ~

Little Bow is poured in top quality, solid, super-super soft platinum silicone.

This silicone has the most buttery-soft feeling, which makes the baby realistically floppy and so easy to position.

To avoid any unsightly neck joins I always sculpt and cast my babies as one complete piece.

Silicone baby girl

The silicone she is cast in is soft enough not to need a ball jointed neck which means you can still easily pose
her in lots of natural positions.

This baby has no armature so she is super floppy just like a real sleeping newborn.

Bow’s sculpt was spared no detail and took many months to complete.

Her skull features a fontanelle and subtle Metopic Ridge.

I have also paid close attention to the chest shape and proportions to create the most realistic baby.


Bow has been painted using specialist silicone paints.

She has beautiful skin tones featuring newborn mottling, veining and little
blemishes which have been added to give incredible realism.

Her skin has a beautiful silk smooth finish.


Her hair has been carefully rooted with tiny 42 gauge needles in the best quality kid mohair purchased direct from the renowned DELTA DAWN.

I have rooted directionally so the hair naturally sits in place.

Bows head is solid silicone meaning that unlike vinyl dolls, her hair is unable to be sealed on the inside.

The silicone ‘heals’ around the hair to
hold it in place so please take great care when styling.

Bow has beautiful long eyelashes.


Bow is made from prosthetic grade silicone, which has the correct volume:weight ratio.

She is therefore a healthy, realistic weight for her size.

She is a lovely weight to hold, move and cuddle.


She has a carefully sculpted soft and hard palate, gums and tongue.

Her tongue even features tiny little taste buds!

Her open mouth enables her to take a standard unmodified pacifier or bottle.

Bow is entirely hand made and as such may have some imperfections.

These are considered part of the quality of this hand made collectors piece.

This baby is a collectors item and a piece of art.

Please handle her accordingly.

I only use top quality materials and techniques to create my dolls.

Throughout the process of creating her I have worked in natural light or under a day light lamp when needed to produce a more accurate, natural looking baby.

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