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ID&TS: Who Wants A Giveaway Baby?

This years ID&TS is coming fast.

Artists are working day and night to make sure everything is perfect for their tables at the show.


For D3 Creations that also means working on creating lots of giveaway babies.

These sweeties are still a work in progress.

But you can really see just how sweet they will be once completed.

I could not believe that one place was going to donate so many babies to be given away.

Just goes to show real generosity still exists.

Now I know there will be many excited people out there now.

Wanting to be a part of it all and eager to see what the show brings.

Trust me I am one of those people.

This show is something I look forward to each year, and I am not even able to attend.

Can you imagine the excitement for those that can?

So for all you lucky people that are attending the ID&TS this year, have fun and enjoy every second.

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  1. If you guys do a giveaway i wish i xould win i cant have a baby and seeing al this creations is a dream come true for me

  2. The ones whom have Little Angel’s that they give away. I say Bless you so much. There are many and I mean many people that would just love to have one of these Special Babys But like me can’t afford them. I so Truly enjoy looking at each one and see how different artists has their own style. It’s Amazing how One Kit can look so many different ways….Again Thank you so much for the giveaway that you do. Would I love to have one, you bet your Heart I would.

  3. I love reborn babies very much.Reborn artists are god gifted.No words to appreciate them.Their works are incredible.I wish I could win a baby in this giveaways.But if luck supports.Thanks for your giveaway.Anyway best of luck for the luckiest who wins this.

  4. Can you do a reborn giveaway for me please and other people who can’t afford one Please and Thank You.

    1. I do sometimes do giveaways. Just have to watch as to when i do. Normally they are on the suzy g reborn nursery youtube channel.

  5. I would love to win one these babys there so pretty

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