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Full Body Silicone Doll For Sale

‘Willow Asleep’ #2 Full Body Solid Silicone Baby Doll sculpted by Claire Taylor

Amy Kate Doll Designs

Silicone Babies Professional Doll Artist

Full body silicone doll


Willow Asleep #2

Sculpted, molded/cast by the very talented Claire Taylor and brought to life by me, Amy Kate Irwin, of Amy Kate Doll Designs

Details About Baby

– Willow Asleep is #2 of a limited edition of 15 kits worldwide.

– Full body solid silicone in a very soft special blend – the softest I have ever felt.

– Highly detailed baby for the ultimate in realism and skin brings about wrinkles when squeezed or bends like a real baby

– Length: 22 inches.

– Weight: Approximately 9 pounds.

– Head circumference: 15 inches.

– Flexible neck turns easily side to side with no ball joint; poured in one piece.

– Mouth is open with tongue, gums, and even a uvula.

– Takes a full pacifier or bottle nipple.

– Willow has been carefully painted with very soft shading, blushing, and veining with a custom blend of colors to achieve a realistic baby complexion using Smooth-On Psycho platinum silicone and Silc-Pig paints giving a multi-tonal and translucent skin tone for total realism.

Her paint was then permanently sealed and matted for an exquisite satin-smooth finish soft baby skin feel.

– Her hair has been deeply and meticulously directionally micro-rooted 1-2 hairs at a time from the cut end in a typical newborn hair pattern using a combination of soft medium brown and light brown ultra premium mohair from Slumberland Nursery for a beautiful, dimensional, rich brown with the appearance of highlights.

This hair rooting process takes a very long time – many, many hours.

– I have also micro-rooted her beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows to exactly match her hair for extra realism.

– Baby white fingernail and toenail tips have been delicately painted, glossed and sealed on all 10 fingers and all 10 toes.

– Wears newborn size and 0-3 month size clothes and size 1 diapers.

– Willow can be gently bathed in a mild baby soap if you should choose to ever bathe her.

She has already been bathed and is super clean and fresh.

Of course, scrubbing or excessively rubbing of her skin during bathing is never recommended on these delicate silicone collector babies.

While Willow’s hair is deeply micro-rooted, gentle care of her hair is also recommended.

– I have delicately pierced her ears with little baby sterling silver sparkle earrings.

If you prefer, these can easily be removed and her little hole closes up.

– No armatures – Willow’s soft blend of silicone allows her to move and pose easily without the need for armatures.

Full body silicone doll

– No drink and wet system

– Willow loves to suck her fingers a lot and cuddle.❤️️

– My babies come from an entirely smoke-free environment.

It is not uncommon for silicone babies to have a slight mark or imperfection here and there, which is not considered a flaw, but part of the handmade process and charm.

Because her blend silicone is so realistically squishy soft and floppy, she has a lot of natural movement.

You do always need to support her head when holding her like you would a real newborn baby.

Silicone babies are soft and move freely as you hold them.

When you see and hold Willow, you will totally fall in love because she is so cuddly and truly does look and feel like a real newborn baby. ❤️

In summary, I have lovingly painted, sealed, matted, micro-rooted the hair, accessorized, and did a photo shoot and video on this baby just for you – her new mommy to be.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with how she turned out.

All this reborn work has been done entirely and exclusively by me, Amy Kate Irwin, of Amy Kate Doll Designs.

Please know that I put my heart and soul into each baby I do.

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  1. I love this doll it is so cute and my granddaught will love it to

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