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Drink And Wet Silicone Baby For Sale

This full body drink and wet silicone baby is currently for sale on ebay.

I am neither the artist or sculptor for this baby.

Full Body Soft Solid Silicone Baby doll/REBORN SILICONA Drink fluids, WET DIAPER

drink and wet Silicone baby

¡¡¡¡¡¡ TAKING BOTTLE WITH LIQUID AND wet diaper !!!!!

Weight: 6lbs 9.821894ozs

Length: 49 cm / 19 inches (with bent legs)

Baby created with ECOFLEX 20 and materials of maxim quality

Complete body of silicone

Realistic newborn baby complexion achieved using Smooth-On Psycho Platinum silicone and Silc-Pig paints giving a

multi-tonal and translucent skin tone for total realism.

All my babies have beautiful newborn skin tones and feature the softest mottling, veining and little
blemishes which are added to give incredible realism.

My method of painting ensures
outstanding depth to the skin which is guaranteed to amaze.

My babies are airbrushed with
silicone paints to keep their skin perfectly smooth, and finally given a healthy satin finish for realism.

They can be bathed just as you would a real newborn.

Open mouth with sculpted tongue and gums.

He can take a pacifier and a baby bottle

hair has been directionally microrooted deeply into the head (as the head is solid, the hair cannot be glued in so please brush and style hair gently!).
The effect is stunning and is just like looking at a real baby’s head of hair!

is a work of art, an heirloom to be cherished and loved and is therefore not suitable as a toy for young children.

drink and wet Silicone baby




-Feeding bottle





Treat with care like you would a real baby – silicone can tear under pressure so do not pull or yank at the fingers or limbs.

Style hair gently – as the head is solid the hair cannot be glued in so don’t tug at any knots, use detangling spray and tease the knot out gently.

Silicone loves dust and fluff so you will need to wipe baby down with a damp, soft lint free cloth to remove any particles.

Pat dry with a lint free cloth and then dust with cornstarch using a good quality make up brush.

This will help keep the silicone smooth and silky.

Click here to see the full ebay listing for this full body silicone baby

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