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Full Body Silicone Baby For Sale.

This adorable full body silicone baby is currently for sale on ebay.

I am neither the sculptor or artist to this sweetheart but just had to share her.

The link to her ebay listing can be found below, where you can also find more photos of this princess.


Full body silicone baby


Time of birth : 10.45 am

Date of birth : 25th March 2019

Weight: 5lbs 10oz

Length: 43cm / 17inches (with bent legs)

Full body solid silicone baby girl from the ‘Teyona’ kit by Elena Westbrook

Sculpt sold out worldwide!

Molded/cast in supersoft ‘marshmallow’ silicone for a super soft and cuddly baby!

Fused neck (which can turn from side to side) for even more realism

Petal soft velvety ‘skin’

Realistic newborn baby complexion achieved using Smooth-On Psycho Platinum silicone and Silc-Pig paints giving a

multi-tonal and translucent skin tone for total realism.

Mouth opened so she can take a pacifier and a baby bottle

She can suck both her thumbs and likes to chew on her little fist!

Sculpted tongue and gums

Microrooted eyelashes

Full body silicone baby

Beautiful head of soft medium brown silky soft dark blonde Alpaca mohair

Finger and toe nails have been tipped, sealed and coloured

Talcum powder scented nappy

Birth Certificate

This adorable and incredibly realistic baby girl ‘Teyona’ was lovingly ‘brought to life’ from the highly detailed ‘Teyona’ full body solid silicone doll kit by the very talented Elena Westbrook.

This newborn baby girl is probably as close to a real infant as you will ever get and is so amazingly soft and cuddly she just melts in your arms!

Made from supersoft ‘marshmallow’ silicone,this baby is exceptionally soft and cuddly!

Teyona’s mouth has been sculpted open with a detailed tongue and gums, so she can take a full pacifier and a baby bottle

Teyona a beautiful translucent skintone using Smooth-On Psycho platinum silicone and Silc -Pig specialist paints for translucency, durability and realism. She was then matted with sealer and Velvet Touch matting powder.

This has given this baby a petal soft velvety skin tone so real it is just like that of a newborn infant!

Subtle tones, delicate mottling, shading and veining in all the right places give this baby an amazingly realistic and translucent skin tone.

I have also microrooted her eyelashes

Teyona’s hair has been directionally microrooted deeply into the head (as the head is solid, the hair cannot be glued in so please brush and style hair gently!).

The effect is stunning and is just like looking at a real baby’s head of hair!

I have used dark blonde soft and silky Alpaca mohair imported especially from the USA.

Fine kid mohair around her hairline recreates the peach fuzz found on newborn babies.

Full body silicone baby

Teyona’s full body is made from super soft ‘marshmallow’ silicone so you won’t believe how adorably soft and cuddly this baby is!

Her solid silicone head is quite heavy so you will have to support her head just as you would for a real baby!

I have made the soles of Teyona’s feet and her hands a healthy pinkish colour, just as you would see in real newborn babies

I have added a little moisture to Teyona’s nostrils and paid great attention to her lips, and her tiny finger and toe nails have been coloured, sealed and tipped.

See how her skin ‘wrinkles’…

Unlike most Teyona kits (which have a ball jointed head), I requested that my Teyona have a FUSED neck for added realism – and her head can still be turned in different positions

Teyona’s layette:

Spanish Outfit consisting of:

White top with pale pink and white frill collar


Matching knickers


2 piece dress set from Mothercare:

Pale pink cord dress with heart motifs

Long sleeved white onesie


White ankle socks


Talcum powder scented nappy

(so your baby will smell adorable)

Birth Certificate


Click here to see the full ebay listing for this silicone baby

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  1. Hello dear, I was wondering if you had any more custom made full body silicone Teyona boys left in stock or on layaway please let me know I’d love to talk to you more about this

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