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Reborns are pieces of art,and beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Cute Reborn Baby For Sale

This cute reborn baby girl is currently for sale on ebay.

I am not the artist for this baby.


Reborn baby

Baby Tamara

Reborn By Master Artist

Wendy Graham

I am now into 16 years of reforming these beautiful babies and I still get so much enjoyment from

being a professional reborn artist. Running my own reborn business allows me to give this art form a 100% commitment.

Reborn on: 9th April 2019

At: 15:24

Weight: 6lbs 2oz

Length: 21 inches


Reborn from a Marley sculpt by Ann Timmerman.


With Illuminating skin effect

As with most paints and finishes the pigments in these are flat and none light reflective.

I have found a additive which lets the light reflect off the suface of the baby like it would if it was natural skin.

The perfecting texture gives the finish a natural illuminating effect.

This Tecnology is not available through stores and is only used by myself.

The Finer Details of Baby Tamara

~ Beautiful detailed 3/4 Arms and legs ~

~ Limbs are filled with super ultra fine glass beads ~

~ Hand painted with genesis heat set paints ~

~ Dark blue german handblown eyes ~

~ Superior doe sued body filled with tenderflex ~

~ Humanhair eyelashes ~

~ Dark brown micro rooted hair from delta dawn ~

~ Magnetic dummy ~

~ Lifelike cuddle factor ~

~ New Payment plan/ layway available please read under terms at bottom of listing ~

~ Email address for questions, wendys-babies@ntlworld.com ~

Baby Tamara been given faint veins and deep undertones creating the appearance of a young Baby.

I have applied my expert artistry skills with genesis heat set paints, bringing this little sweetheart to life.

This specialise technique gives my creations a ” realistic skin tone ” This gives you a superior result.

A silky textured finish just the same as a young Baby.

Genesis paints will not fade or wear off.

Tamara’s realistically sculptured had is sealed on the inside and ” perfectly weighted ” with a pouch of non-rusting steel pellets.

You will think your cradling a real baby’s head in your hands.

I use non-rusting pellets and not glass beads as they give more of a realistic weight to the head they are more expensive than glass beads but I only use the best high quality materials .

Tamara’s cute little nose has been opened and then backed with dark blue felt . Her ” superior quality cloth body” has been filled with tenderflex and poly fibre.

You will find the lips and nails have been ” delicately hand-painted ” and then sealed to look as natural, as they should be.

Rooting was performed by myself and the mohair was supplied from Delta Dawn ,this is the best premium mohair money can buy.

A very nice Dark brown mohair was used for the ultra micro rooting .

This I do using a magnifying glass and a 43 gauge needle which has no barbs just one tiny slot on the tip to push one hair at a time into the head to give you best result possible with no unsightly plugs and then sealed from the inside.

Reborn baby

This head has taken me many hours of work to get that perfect result the crown is a natural swirl with the hair being rooted in directional layers as you would find on a real babies head.

It will feel the same as babies hair and can be styled using a small amount of water

When baby Tamara comes home to you she will have the clothes you see in the pictures.

You can also expect to receive a real dummy, a real terry’s nappy . And me to you Teddy .

Also Tamara’s waxed sealed reborn birth certificate,and a surprise gift from me

I hope that you enjoyed viewing my little baby girl. I like to show as much detail as possible so that you have a true impression of her.

Tamara is not a play doll.

She is a beautiful handcrafted heirloom to be cherished for many years to come.

Click here to see the full ebay listing for this sweet reborn baby girl

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