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ID&TS Ban Fake Reborns.

With doll show season among us it is no unexpected for this news from the ID&TS 2019.

For anyone that has been paying attention within the reborn community the context of this news can not be any surprise.

Taking to social media the hosts of the ID&TS wanted to make it clear where they stand around fake reborns.

ID&TS 2019

“If there was ANY confusion regarding this topic, here is your clarification directly from us.
ID&TS does NOT support or condone pirated dolls in any way shape or form. You are NOT welcome to bring these dolls to carry around, to try to enter in contests, etc. THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED. PERIOD. If you break this rule, you WILL be removed from the show, and banned from attending ALL future shows.”

So I think it is safe to say that there can be no confusion now to anyone attending the show that may own one of these dolls.

If you take yours to the show you will not be allowed in and will be banned from attending any future shows.

Lets keep our true artists and sculptors safe.

Thank you ID&TS for publically announce without any confusion your position on this matter.

No need to have any drama at this wonderful show.

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