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Does The Reborn Community Need To Change Its Stereotype?

After being in the reborn community for several years now I have noticed that it is a very female dominated world.

When I see reborns being sold alot of the listings state that the baby is looking for their new mummy.

Reborn community

But what about the men that are in the community and like collecting reborns?

I think it is time for the community to become more inclusive of the reborn daddies.

I love that more and more men are joining the community as I believe that this can only benefit us all.

It should not be seen as anything different from a man buying and owning reborn babies as it is when girls do.

Just because they are dolls does not make them exclusively a girl thing.

It is time for the community as a whole to embrace the growing number of men joining the community and show them the respect that they deserve.

So maybe instead of saying that a baby is looking for its new mummy, it may be better to say new parent or new home

This way it does not exclude anyone that may be thinking of adopting the baby.

Everyone should be included and welcomed within the community.

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