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Nlovewithreborns2011 Shares Reborning Tips

When learning how to paint reborns it is always advisable to turn to those experts that know.

So I wanted to share with you all some tips and tricks that I have found from Stephanie Ortiz, AKA Nlovewithreborns2011.

I have been a fan of Stephanie’s work for some time now, falling in love with various babies that she has made.


I know all artists have their own way of doing things, which I believe is wonderful for the community as it allows for freedom of expression.

It also allows some very different versions of the same kit to be made.

So if you are wanting to learn how to reborn then why not take a look at some of the Reborn painting videos on the website.

There is always something new to learn, and when you paint reborns, it really is a never-ending learning curve.

Why not grab a tea or coffee, sit back and watch to see if Stephanie has some tricks that you haven’t tried and would love to.

Also, don’t forget to pop along to the new Nlovewithreborns2011 website, the link is provided below, the find ways that Stephanie could help you.


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