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2023 Doll Calendar

Preorders for the new and much improved 2023 Doll Calendar will be opening this July.


With each Calendar purchase you also get a raffle ticket to win a free silicone head cuddle baby.


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International Doll Festival 2022 Budapest

Nlovewithreborns2011 New Website.

We all know and love Stephanie Ortiz AKA Nlovewithreborns2011.

Many of us have been following her (in the nicest possible, non-stalker-like way) for several years now.

I know I have, so it is really exciting to see that she has a new website.


On the site, Stephanie offers many services including body refreshing, nail painting, shine removal, and milk spots.

These all have individual prices, so you can pick the service that you may need to help perfect your own baby.

In addition to all of this, you can also contact Stephanie, find out about her patreon and Youtube channel.

As well as just browse the dolly pictures she has there, which we all love to do.


Stephanie has become one of the most popular people that I know of in this community.

So her site is sure to enhance that and allow her to reach more people.

let’s help this along by also sharing the site for her.

So check out her site using the link above, and don’t forget to leave your experience with Stephanie in the comments.


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Hello. My name is Aggeliki Koytalidoy and i am from greec. I want to buy full silicone baby where open and close eyes and drink milk.

Aggeliki Koytalidoy

Hello. My name is Aggeliki Koytalidoy and i am from greece. I want to buy full silicone baby where open and close eyes and drink milk.

Sarah Fleming

I ordered 2 of the toddler sleeping dolls and have not received either one . I ordered one on the 24th of April and the other one 2 weeks later . I was wondering what I can do

Noel Dak

Look I fucking ordered a doll and haven’t come for a year and a halve I’m so 😡 mad I want a refund

Keara Franklin

Can I win it for my birthday I never had one in my entire life but could I have this one please!?

Diana Gilson

This me again diana I wanted to ask you about Forest the boy reborn that moves, drinks and open and shuts his eyes I love him and I would really like to have him but I can’t find any information on him and how much he is, can you help please

Diana Gilson

Andrea Stringer-Rhodes

Not sure if this is real. So many fack websites. I ordered 4 silicone dolls on line, either one was what it said. I hope your real I’m looking for full silicone doll.


Hey I’m Courtney I sow your baby’s I love thime I follow you on YouTube is why you can talk to me I what one

Meg sorrells

I want to get a baby that looks like my grand daughter. How does that work? Do I send you pics ? Can it be done? How long does it take? And estimated fee? Your dolls are amazing. Thank you for your time.

Barbara Pace

Hello. My name is Barbara and I am from Australia . I want to buy 2 full silicone babies 1 each boy & Girl around 18″ to 20″ where open and close eyes and drink milk.
That can have nappy change plus be bathed, l am buying for my Down Syndrome daughter who cannot have babies.

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