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Live and let live within the reborn community

I don’t know about you, but I am getting really tired now of all the people out to try and put other members of the reborn community down.

In my opinion whatever someone else is doing is down to them, if they are not hurting you what harm are they doing.

It is not possible to think that everyone is going to like everything that you do, but when did that give them the right to try and hurt you with it and bring you down.

There are enough people within the reborn community, to be able to welcome people of any background to feel safe and happy amongst us all.

reborn community

More importantly, everyone should feel safe here.

There are no reasons why anyone should have to feel threatened or irrelevant here.

People have many different tastes for everything ranging from babies to outfits and accessories.

I would love to get back to a stage where we welcome newcomers and do not make them feel like they do not belong.

As long as they are not harming you what does it matter what others do?

Why is there a need to try a bring them down, what do you really get from it?

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