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Is The Reborn Community Doomed To Split?

There was once a time when the reborn community was an all-inclusive fun place to be.

Gradually this has changed, no it is a place of putting one another down, stealing and scamming.

All this morning I have been downhearted whilst looking online.

I was scrolling through eBay and all I saw were babies classed as reborns that clearly are not reborns.

The biggest group I saw this morning were IVIta.

These dolls are just not reborn babies, they are factory-made dolls, the likes of which could be found in supermarkets. Not a reborn.

reborn community

An Ivita doll

The popularity in this new breed of doll and doll collector makes me wonder if really a split within the reborn community is now inevitable.

The split would be based on those people that will support and enable the companies that steal doll kits and then replicate them for a cheap price and brand them as reborns, and those people that will only buy genuine reborn babies.

Yes, a real reborn baby will cost a lot more than a factory-made doll, but isn’t that part of this hobby, to actually buy a reborn.

The other dolls can be cheaply made, mass-produced, but that does not make them reborn babies and people that own them will not be as welcomed into many reborn groups.

I know of many groups that will block and ban anyone that posts pictures of the fake reborns in the group.

Now, this may make many people that own these dolls feel bad.

I know that it is easy to lean towards the cheaper dolls for many as they are by their definition cheaper and easier to get.

But what message is that sending to others within the community?

The more people that buy these dolls from the stolen kits, and yes, looking at any websites today with sites claiming to be reborns and not being that I recognized several of the kits there and I know that they should not be there.

So, to protect sculptors and artists will there soon have to be a split, separating those that would buy and support the non-reborns and those that will only deal with real artists and buy real reborns.

reborn community

Top Quality genuine reborn baby.

Personally, I will only buy genuine reborn babies from artists that I know do not support the stealing of kits.

I want my collection to be reborns and not just dolls.

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