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Reborns are pieces of art,and beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Hyper-Realistic Reborn Baby For Sale

This hyper-realistic reborn baby is currently for sale on eBay.

How is this stunning baby not real??

Painted with such expertise I think it is safe to say I have found a new artist that a love to add to my dream artist list.

✿Beverleys Babies ✿reborn baby Boy doll ✿Bonnie Brown Tink

Welcome to

✿Beverley’s Babies✿

hyper-realistic reborn baby

Baby’s Name .. Jamie
Date of Birth .. 22nd February 2019
Weight .. 2 .5 lb
Length .. 18″ with slightly bent legs

Welcome to my auction,


Amazing and adorably sweet baby boy created from Tink sculpt by Bonnie Brown

Many hours are spent creating each and every Beverley’s Baby,
They are carefully hand painted with the finest detail of real life
skin tones, blemishes, veins, milk spots, even little scratches.
Baby has exquisite and realistic detailing, I pay great attention to realism with every Beverley’s Baby.
Reborning is an Art and is to turn a normal doll /sculpt into a realistic baby doll to cherish for years to come

Hyper-Realistic Reborn Baby

The hair is either hand painted and/or micro rooted with the highest quality mohair. Babies are then put together and weighted the correct weight with a heavier floppy head for newborns with a therapeutic cuddly body.
Then on completion … the final touch is added …
the scent of a real baby.
My babies truly are Surreal

Babies hair has been completely hand rooted using 3 different types of top quality mohair, all in shades of baby Brown, the hair is long enough to lay flat or have fluffy on the top, I have added soft and fine blonde baby fine fluffy hair along hair and cheek line also

Hyper-Realistic Reborn Baby


Baby newborn Grey glass eyes with tiny veins on the sclera

hand rooted lashes

finely painted eyebrows


There are 22 layers to real human skin so I have painted him using many thin layers building up details such as subtle veining, capillaries and mottling synthesizing a circulatory pattern and translucence to his skin, I have added slight shading to tops of ears to synthesize fine baby dander hair. his fingernails and toes nails are sealed with a varnish to give them a sheen and his little nose had been opened and backed with felt

I paint all my babies with specialist Genesis Heat Set Paints and mediums

This paint will never come off or fade.

The skins appears transparent and you can see the subtle veins through the mottled baby like skin tones.

I have spent hours creating every possible detail his little hands and feet are a healthy pinkish colour, just like a real baby. even with “dry skin” applied as a real baby would have having been in the womb for 9 months


This exquisite vinyl tiny baby is a reborn doll with full arms & legs on a soft cotton body, his head is weighted to make it gently flop if not supported.

Jamie comes with a removable vinyl tummy plate for posing him ( backplate not included)


Baby is weighted with polyfill conforming to British safety standards, micro recycled glass granules in sealed head and limbs,

This doll is not a toy and is not suitable for under 10-year-olds, she needs to be handled like a real baby due to delicate components,
I use NO sand in my babies

All photographs taken professionally using a top of the range EOS camera and studio lighting as the weather here in the UK has been very dull these last 2 days ( but please note, different PC screens have different tones of colour),

Hyper-Realistic Reborn Baby

✿Baby will come home with ✿

( tiny baby -newborn clothes )



blue knitted matinee cardigan


sleeper gown

mothercare velour 2 piece

white matinee cardigan


belly plate



teddy wrist rattle

teddy comforter

magnetic dummy

birth certificate

Pampers Nappy

authentication certificate

care instructions

Certificate from Bonnie confirming authenticity that Tink is genuine

Can be sent home as a Girl if you prefer.

Click here to see the full ebay listing for this baby

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