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Too Much Drama Within The Reborn Community.

I really hate to have to be writing about this, the reborn community just isn’t what it used to be.

Now it seems no matter where you look there is too much drama and hate.

Most of us do not live lives where we can go around stress free and careless, so it baffles me why people want to try and bring each other down and have digs at each other.

I used to enjoy logging on to my feed to see all the awesome babies that were there.

reborn community

But now that is mainly ruined by people having a dig at each other or putting down each others work.

And what is with the “Next!” on facebook.

That is just plain rude and hurtful.

If you do not like something then why comment at all?

Why the need to try and make someone feel bad or not as positive about some work they have created.

I have also noticed more cliques within the community, hings escalate more than they have to.

This isn’t high school, we are all meant to be adults.

So what happened to respect?

Add to this the saying that you can be in a busy room and still feel alone, and that can sum up a lot of experiences within the community.

People are fine and friendly etc when they want something, but then if you ask for help its like you are a complete stranger.

You then of course have the people wanting things for free or saying that £200 is too much for a custom made reborn.

Of course when you explain that it isn’t possible you are then accused of so much, which brings more drama.

It really needs to stop.

The joy of reborns shouldn’t be spoilt by those that seem to have nothing better to do than try and bring another member down.

Lets bring back the love within the community and once again make it the family it used to be.

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  1. I completely agree.I asked questions of inlovewithreborns2011 about one of her reborns and she was totally hateful.I do agree that there is too much hurtful drama

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