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Stunning Partial Silicone Baby For Sale

This stuning partial silicone baby is currently for sale on ebay.

Adrie Stoete Solid silicone baby cloth body 3/4limbs.Weighted and rooted

Partial Silicone baby

Welcome to my Adrie Stoete partial silicone baby girl.

The details in the face and limbs have been captured really well, and because this is an adrie stoete baby, it is exceptionally cute!

Adrie Stoete is a renowned sculpter with many years of experience.

Her babies are always very realistic.

This is one CHUNKY baby. She has adorable fat rolls on her thighs and a sweet chubby face.

partial silicone baby

The lips are slightly open and will take the special dummies provided.

I used psycho silicone paints to add mottling and blushing etc.

Her face was good but her limbs were pretty much blank.

Using a different technique, I have achieved a much smoother look to the ‘skin’.

This is very much a peaches and cream kind of complexion rather than a highly mottled look.

partial silicone baby

She has manicure and pedicure. Her creases have been intensified with shading.

Her lips and nails have been lightly glossed.

She has open fingers which are soft and bendable.

The feet also are gorgeous.

However one of her toes has been damaged.(please check photos)

This is reflected in her price.

Although many of us prefer full body silicone babies, there is one advantage in my opinion to having a cloth body.

There is more movement and poseability in the limbs.

I have positioned the arms to slightly extend towards you instead of go across the chest.

partial silicone baby

When you place the baby down on its back, the arms gently wiggle quite realistically.

I really like that.

Also I personally prefer the cuddle factor of a soft body.

This is one of the slightly firmer silicone so you don’t need to worry quite as much when handling her.

She is fairly robust!

The weight is realistic at 6lbs 8oz as she is a decent newborn size.

She feels so good to pick up and hold. The weighting is distributed properly for a natural experience of holding a baby.

Her hair is medium brown styled in a natural way for a small baby. The same colour has been used to root her eyelashes for a completed look. Her eyebrows are lightish brown.

She has been matted well but it is a good idea to use talc once in a while to keep the ‘skin’ smooth and easy to handle/ dress.

She will come home with an outfit, the coa which came with her, plus LOTS of extras ( some may be preloved )all wrapped in tissue and ribbons for a grand box opening.

She will be very safely packed in a sturdy box and sent next day special delivery so you won’t have too long to wait.

Please note that extra fees will apply at checkout for global shipping programme.

Thanks for looking xx

partial silicone baby

Click here to see the full ebay listing for this baby.

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