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Limited Edition Full Body Silicone Baby For Sale

(Alexandra’s Babies) FULL BODY SILICONE BABY BOY HANNAH/BOY JOANNA GOMES is currently for sale on ebay.

Full Body Silicone Baby


Time of birth : 10.41 am

Date of birth : 6th January 2019

Weight: 8lbs 6oz

Length: 53 cm /21 inches

Full body solid silicone baby boy from the ‘Hannah as a boy’ kit by Joanna Gomes

Sculpt sold out worldwide!

Limited Edition 8 out of just 20 produced worldwide!

Molded/cast in Ecoflex 30

Ball jointed head for ease of movement

Full Body Silicone Baby

Realistic newborn baby complexion achieved using Smooth-On Psycho Platinum silicone and Silc-Pig paints giving a

multi-tonal and translucent skin tone for total realism.

Mouth opened so he can take a pacifier and a baby bottle

Microrooted eyelashes

Beautiful head of soft medium brown silky soft mohair

Finger and toe nails have been tipped, sealed and coloured

Talcum powder scented nappy

Full Body Silicone Baby

Birth Certificate

Limited Edition certificate 8/20

This adorable and incredibly realistic baby boy ‘Harry’ was lovingly reborn from the highly detailed ‘Hannah as a boy’ full body solid silicone doll kit by the very talented Joanna Gomes.

Any irregularities in the silicone are not considered flaws but reflect the OOAK nature of the hand sculpted kit.

This newborn looking baby is probably as close to a real infant as you will ever get and is so beautifully soft and cuddly he just melts in your arms!

Made from platinum silicone Ecoflex 30,this baby has flexible limbs with a more solid torso!

Harry’s mouth has been sculpted open so he can take a full pacifier and a baby bottle

The video below features Harry so that you can see his movements and details…


I have given Harry a newborn skin tone with raised milk spots on his face as seen in the photos above.

I used Smooth-On Psycho platinum silicone and Silc -Pig specialist paints for translucency, durability and realism.

He was then matted with sealer and Velvet Touch matting powder.

This has given this baby a velvety skin tone so real it is just like that of a newborn infant!

Subtle tones, delicate mottling, shading and veining in all the right places give this baby an amazingly realistic and translucent skin tone.

I have also microrooted his eyelashes.

Full Body Silicone Baby

His head is ball jointed so it turns easily for posing..

Harry’s hair has been directionally microrooted deeply into the head (as the head is solid, the hair cannot be glued in so please brush and style hair gently!).

The effect is stunning and is just like looking at a real baby’s head of hair!

I have used medium brown soft and silky mohair imported especially from the USA.

Fine kid mohair around his hairline recreates the peach fuzz found on newborn babies.

Harry’s full body is made from Eco 30 Platinum Silicone so it is a bit more solid which makes him easier to dress, but he is still adorably soft and cuddly!

Full Body Silicone Baby

His solid silicone head is quite heavy so you will have to support her head just as you would for a real baby!

I have made the soles of Harry’s feet and his hands a healthy pinkish colour, just as you would see in real newborn babies.

I have added a little moisture to Harry’s nostrils and paid great attention to his lips, and his tiny finger and toe nails have been coloured, sealed and tipped.

When baby Harry comes home to his new mummy he will bring with him all the clothes featured in the photographs as well as a talcum powder scented nappy, a Limited Edition certificate and a birth certificate.

Full Body Silicone Baby

Harry’s layette:

Two gorgeous Spanish Outfits consisting of:

White knit top


Matching white knit leggings


Pale blue short sleeved knit top with bow


Matching pants


White vest



Talcum powder scented nappy

(so your baby will smell adorable)

Birth Certificate

Limited Edition certificate

Full Body Silicone Baby

Click here to see the full ebay listing for this baby

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