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Reborn Baby Girl Prototype On Sale

I have to say that I think I have fallen in love with this prototype on sale baby.

She has the cutest features and her paint work is simply stunning.

Reborn Baby “Mia” By Hieke Kolpin – OOAK – Prototype Winning Artist SALE!!!

Welcome To My Nursery
Melissa’s Carriage

…..Where Babies Stay In The Carriage Forever!

prototype on sale

Introducing Baby Mia:

By Reborn Artist

Melissa Pompeo

Mia By: Hieke Kolpin

DOB: 01/21/18

Weight: 3 lbs. 11 oz.

Length : 18″

All my babies are made using only the best quality of products.

And many hours are put in to create the effect of real life skin tones.

And most importantly, no details have been forgotten.

*****Also Note*****

This baby’s Different Skin Tones Shown Are Due To The Various Different Lightings

In Which Her Pictures Where Taken To Show You Her True Skin Tone.

prototype on sale

Babies Features:

– Hand Painted with Genesis Heat Set Paints

– 2 Different Shades Of Mohair For A More Natural Look,

(light brown / medium blonde)

– Slumberland Mohair

– All Babies Are Sealed Twice With A Heat Set Genesis Sealent

– Full Length Soft Vynle Arms and Legs

– Flesh Tone Soft Doe Suede Body

– Eyes, Nose And Mouth Have Been Moistened Softly for Ultra Realism

– Magnet In Mouth For A Paci 🙂

– Fingers And Toes Are All Finished With A Fresh Manicured Look,

With a Slight Shine.

– Nose Has Been Opened And Backed With Black Felt,

prototype on sale

This Is Called A “Breather”.

– Baby is A “True To Life” 18 Inches With Slightly Bent Legs, And She Wears Fits In

size Newborn Clothes.

– Body, limbs and Head, all weighted with Glass Beads, Stainless

Steal Pellets (to achieve a more realistic baby weight),

and high quality polyfill, NO SAND!

Babies Skin:

Baby is painted w/ Genesis Heat Set Paints, so therefore they will never fade or come off.

And I seal every baby with Genesis Heat Set Varnish, this seals the paint and won’t allow the

baby to go shinny.

I have also carefully hand painted small little veins on each one of my babies in places you

would find them on a real baby.

Then I apply a Moist look to spots that you would normally see on any baby, like the nostrils, eyes and mouth.

– Hours of work have gone into working with all possible details, like every little crease,

and their tiny little toes and little fingers have been carefully painted to give the fresh

manicured look.

-So from the palms of their hands down to the bottom of their little feet, they have

many of hours into making sure that nothing is forgotten.

– Baby’s lips are softly colored and have been given a moist shine.

– Please note; magnet put in head for a pacifier is not safe around electronics or pacemakers.

prototype on sale

Note: I do not normally change the name of my babies from what the artist has named them, unless I have decided to change the sex of the baby *(which is usually easy to change to the sex of your choice). So if I change the sex I just give the baby a temporary name, to call him/her until they are adopted and named by their new parents.

So welcome to the new world of creating memories, its not just a thought anymore!

Because with a reborn that resembles one of your own children, or any child that has touched your life in anyway , you can now put your memories with something you can feel, hold, and touch.

So if any of my babies remind you of anyone you love, you can name your baby what ever you’d like, and turn your reborn into a memory that really does last a lifetime!

Because lets face it, so sadly, but in reality, our babies don’t stay in the carriage forever!

And also, if you are just looking and one of my babies happens to touch a soft spot in your heart, and you just have to have him or her, you also can name your baby your own name and make a treasure that lasts a life time.

*** My Babies are not suitable for small children, they are a work of art that has taken many hours to create.

Comming Home:

Baby will come home with following items (all items not listed, but seen in auction are used as photo props).

– Beautiful Baby Girl Red Dress Outfit By, Carters

– Cute Little White Dress socks

– Pink And Dark Pink Heart Romper By, Old Navy

– Pink Little Onesie By, Children’s Place

– Pink Little Pants With Ruffled Bottoms By, Carters

– Adorable Super Soft little White Coat By, Garanimal’s

– Cute little Pink Ballerina Socks

– Favorite Pink Blanket

– Favorite Little pink Dog Toy

– Several Little Hair Clips, 2 Head Bands And Fancy Pink Little Hat

– Mia’s Paci

– Certificate Of Authenticity

– Baby Care Instructions

– And A Fresh Diaper.

prototype on sale

Click here to see the full ebay listing


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