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Reborn Babies As A Christmas Gift

Is there any better gift for a reborn parent than getting a new baby for Christmas.

Whether the baby is a surprise gift or a to me from me present, the joy that you get when opening the box is joyful.

Personally I have given a reborn baby as a present before.

I had a custom baby made for my daughter.


She loved one of my babies so I had one made for her with the same kit but some differences.

Opening the baby in the nursery on Christmas day was a great experience for us both.

It is certainly something that I would do again.

I know that lots of people worry about giving reborn babies to children.

But I think it depends on the child in question.


So I had no concerns in allowing my daughter to have one.

As expected she wa as good as gold with them.

She cared for them perfectly.

Which only goes to show that with the right supervision reborns can be for all ages.

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  1. Hi I had a baby girl that passed 2 yrs ago I’m n love with the returns I cannot afford one at this time i didn’t know if u guys do donate my daughters name was serenity. Thank u

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