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Don’t Let The Bullies Get You Down

I have heard countless stories from within the reborn community about people being bullied.

Both from members within the community itself and also people out of it.

I am no stranger to the name calling and men words.

Having been told previously that I do not belong in the doll world.

But do you know what, this has in fact had the opposite affect on me than they were hoping for.


It in fact made me more determined and more strong headed I guess.

Who are they to say where I do or do not belong right?

I did not seek can gain anyones approval for being in the community, neither did i ask for it.

People can choose to believe what they want based on their own belief, but for those of you that actually know me, you know who I am.

You also know that mean words do not get to me any more, if anything they allow me to be freeer than normal with what I would say.

Whereas I will often try to stay as neutral as possible in matters, if they attack me directly that is a whole new thing.

So if you have people saying mean things to you, then who are they to matter?

Were you happy before they started saying it?

If the answer is yes then what gives them the right to stop you.

Words are only empowered when you allow them to be.

They call you a freak, thank them for saying you are unique.

Turn the words they say back on them.

You are amazing just as you are.

In th word of a friend, don’t let them steal your sparkle.

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