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2018 Within The Reborn Community

“018 within the Reborn community

This year seems to have just flown by.

I was wondering what this year has brought to you within the community.

For me it has been a mixed year, saying bye to a lot of my dolls.

But also welcoming a couple of new babies.

reborn community

At the same time I have moved nursery several times, brought a small amount of new baby clothing and accessories, in fairness a lot less than I normally do or want to.

I have also made some new friends, found so much new talent and fell in love with numerous new kits that have come out.

What about you?

What has 2018 meant for you in the reborn community?

Did you have some goals that you were unable to meet this year?

If so, will you be continuing to strive for those still next year?

The one good thing about this community is that there is nearly always something new in it.

Some new kit, new artist, new designer, new accessories, just something.

Also soemthing and I love that about it.

How can you ever truly grew out of something that is changing and growing itself all the time?

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