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International Doll Festival 2022 Budapest

Drink And Wet Full Body Silicone Baby For Sale

This sweet drink and wet full body silicone baby is currently for sale on ebay.

The Drink and wet systems have been a really fun addition to the reborn and silicone babies.

Handmade Sleeping silicone baby toddler girl (Reborn doll) all body Drink & pee

Newborn sleeping solid silicone baby girl (silicone doll), reborn toddler girl (reborn doll).
Drink & make pee.

drink and wet full body silicone

This author’s work. You buying Collector’s item Sleeping Reborn Doll (girl), ? 
it is unique in the world, exclusive.
New sleeping silicone doll reborn girl in sales. The doll is 54cm (21.26″) height and the weight of 4,2kg (9.26 pounds). Like a real baby.

Silicone reborn doll is sleeping and made of Ecoflex-30 material.

That to paint this doll we used many thin layers of silicone paint, the paint is stable to abrasion, has a matte structure, does not shine.

Using the new doll technology, to the touch as velvet, not sticky. 

drink and wet full body silicone

The doll is incredibly realistic, it has eyebrows are drawn, eyelashes are glued. Under her eyelids she has glass eyes are brown in color. 
Her hair is implanted in the root with light brown colors, they need to be care very cautiously, as they are implanted inside the doll’s head, without the use of glue. 

You can wash her head with shampoo and use conditioner for hair, comb her hair better with wet hair.

The folds are drawn in pink, the fingernails of the fingers and toes are also drawn and have a light shine.

There are marble spots on the body. 

Sleeping Silicone Reborn doll has a solid body (cast), no joints, it can be bathed in the bathtub, but can not be rubbed with a sponge.
drink and wet full body silicone  
Reborn doll is large enough and plump (looks like a 3 month old baby). Can drink and make pee.

Please pay attention to the fact that each doll is a hand-made item, it is made in a single copy and is not a children’s toy, so they may have minor drawbacks, which are not considered a disadvantage, but only give originality and uniqueness to the silicone reborn doll. Do not stretch the hands and fingers of a silicone doll, they may burst.  
You can bathe the doll in the bath. This silicone Reborn doll is created as a collectible. The doll will be released in limited edition.
The doll deliver with a set of clothes, and also a master certificate and birth certificate of the doll.          
Sculptor – Candy Finn

Rebornist – Viktorija Zalesskaja

Eyes of the handmade

If you want to buy, do not hesitate to give a question.

Attention! This doll is Collector’s item, not a toy for children

Click here to see the full ebay listing.


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Donna Arellano

Want a drinl and wet reborn newborn that also cries do you do them…

Sylvia Battick Powell

I would like to buy one

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