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Do You Have A Gender Preference For Reborn Babies?

So I was going through all the reborn babies I have had in my collection over the year and I noticed that 90% of my babies were girls.

It made me wonder if you had a gender preference.

For me it wasn’t anything that I did conscientiously, it just sort of happened.

I seem to be drawn more to more toward the little reborn baby girls.

Reborn babies

Yet my daughter is after getting a preemie baby boy, so it is a really good mix in my house lol.

I am hoping that when I start to rebuild my collection I will end up getting a better reborn babies mix, I really can not explain why I ended up with a heavily feminine nursery.

Do you want a mixed nursry or are you only really looking out for one gender of baby.

I am going to base all of my forthcoming purchases of baby, whenever that may be, purely on the way the baby looks and not give any mind to the gender of the baby itself.

This I hope makes my collection a lot more varied.

I just love having a large collection, one day I will get back to that.

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