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Do You Buy Your Reborn Baby A Christmas Gift?

When you are making your Christmas list each year, do you include your reborn baby?

reborn baby

For me one year I did and it was fun picking out little gifts for them and wrapping it up.

The presents were then placed under a tree that I had placed up within the nursery.

It was a fun experience for both my youngest daughter and myself.

Thinking back on it made me wonder if it is just me that does that or if anyone else has.

I think it can be fun to roleplay this way at times, why shouldn’t the babies get some nice gifts.

It is all part of your reborn world and they do become part of your family.

reborn baby

If you always worry what others think then you are living your life for them, not for you.

Would they do that for you?

Chances are if they don’t get your desire to buy for your reborn baby, that the answer is no.

So make your Festive time special for you. In what ever way that is for you.

I do put a Christmas cracker hat on my reborns after Christmas dinner, so look out for those pics.

reborn baby

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