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Do Reborn Artists Always Get It RIght?

So when you are looking to add a new reborn baby how do you start your search? Do you find Reborn artists and see which babies they currently have for sale and see if any of those appeal to you?

Or do you go straight for the custom babies so that you can pick how you want your own baby to look.

The reborn artists that do not do customs and make the babies to look how they imagine them to be.

Do you think they always get it right? Or do you like certain parts of the babies and not others.

reborn artists

It is always difficult I think to create a baby that both artist and client are both completely happy with.

Everyone has their own tastes, which is why even though you may be in love with a particular kit, it does not mean you will adore every version of that kit made.

I think this is one of the reasons that it took me so long to find a Saskia that I loved.

Although I knew that I liked this kit, I did find that unfortunately alot of the babies I saw made from the kit looked more scary than cute to me.

With a pre made baby you have the artists vision only, now they are very clever, talented and creative people, so alot of the time they are able to make some of the cutest babies that I have ever seen.

But there are the odd occasion where you really wonder what the artist was thinking.

Have you ever found a baby that has left you wondering that?

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