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Is It Time To Leave The Reborn Hobby?

I have been a member of the reborn community for several years now.

But lately I have been wondering when is it time to leave the hobby.


It isn’t that I do not like reborns anymore, it is more that I no longer seem to interact with them.

This makes it strange to have them out in my room as they just seem to sit there now.

Well lay there.

I am not sure if I would rehome all my babies or just some of them.


But I know I would at least keep one, as reborn babies have been a big part of my life for a while now.

Do any of you have times when you question if you wish to stay in the commumity or not?

Has the recent nastiness amongst members put you off being her as the scamming and back stabbing isn’t really who you are?

I would love to know if it is just me or if many of you feel like this.

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