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Prototype Realborn Skya Awake For Sale

This stunning prototype realborn baby is looking for a new home.

I think she is so pretty and realistic.

For full details see the ebay page, but this is a summary of all the important bits and of course pictures.

Prototype realborn

Welcome Skya
Reborned on September 20th, 2018 | Weight 4 lb 10 oz | 18 inches long

Presenting Skya, a new Realborn Kit from Bountiful Baby…actually made from computer generated scanning of a real newborn baby girl.

This little newborn baby girl with large blue gray eyes was captured awake for this Realborn kit.

Prototype realborn

She was a joy to bring to life.

Details of baby girl Skya:

German glass eyes in dark blue-gray

Micro and mono-rooted fine medium and light brown mohair, sealed on the inside.

Finely rooted baby eye lashes with light brown mohair.

Prototype realborn

Painted with Genesis Heat set paints in many transparent layers.

Final layer of Matte and Satin varnish to protect.

White flannel German body with jointed limbs.

Stuffed with soft baby fiber fill and “soft” pellets and glass beads.

Prototype realborn

Belly plate.

Skya’s hair is rooted in two shades of soft beautiful brown mohair,

with the lighter brown at hairline. In the pictures I include several different ways of styling.

Prototype realborn

Her hair lies nicely flat to her head and can be wet and styled any way you prefer.

She has a magnet in her head to hold several little hair bows.

She also has a magnetic pacifier.

Prototype realborn

Skya is wonderfully made and created to look like a real little baby girl.

Painted with Genesis heat set paints in transparent layers.

Realistic veins, blushing and slightly mottled skin.

Lightly applied Genesis heat set matte varnish to add texture and reduce shine.

Prototype realborn

Custom flannel body, weighted with poly-pellets, and filled with poly-fill.

Full length arms and legs filled with tiny glass beads and poly fill.

Fingernails and toenails manicured and protected with a satin varnish.

Lips painted in a natural shade and sealed with a satin varnish.

Prototype realborn

Hand-rooted lashes with brown mohair.

Gorgeous dark blue-gray German glass eyes .

Beautifully rooted soft mohair in medium and light brown.

Nose gently shaded.

Beautiful outfits to come home in.

Magnetic pacifier.

She wears newborn size clothing.

Prototype realborn

Belly plate attaches and is secured with ties.

She is made to cuddly and is moderately “floppy” for easy posing, but not overly.

Pictures taken were taken during the daylight hours.

Variations of light in the room may make her skin look darker…this is due to changes in weather and positions in the room where she was posing for pictures.

Her complexion is moderately rosy and newborn.

Prototype realborn

Lips, finger and toe nails are glossed with satin varnish.

Skya as a wonderful layette and will come home with the following items:

Flower print dress

Lavender velour dress

Onesies (several)

Carters rompers in pink

Bunny hat and Carter’s Quilted Jacket with hood

Cloth diaper

Janie and Jack flower print tee sweater jacket

Rose Bunny leggings

Carters sleeper

Minnie Mouse sleeper

Hair bows and head band

Magnetic pacifiers

Certificate of Authenticity Realborn Skya

Certificate of Authenticity Puddin’cake Babies

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Prototype realborn

Click here to see Skya Awakes ebay auction

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