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Any Final Plans Before The Kansas Doll Show

With only a few days left until the Kansas Doll Show opens its doors for you to view all the spectacular goodies that the artists have brought for you, do you have any more plans ?

Have you got everything you need in order?

I know many people have already begun their journey to the event.

Kansas doll show

Some coming from long distances.

So it would come as no surprise that there may still be some plans being made or rushing around from people to get everything ready.

Your plans could be as simple as pack, or as intense as having a few babies to finish.

Either way it will be a long few days for you until you are in that hotel waiting for those doors to open.

For the vendors I suspect it will be a very tiring few days.

How many of you have made plans that you just have not been able to stick to?

Things happened to get in the way of how you wanted to do things.

But that does not mean your experience there will be any less than anyone elses.

With all the hardwork Jenny has put into the event no matter if you had everything finished and sorted weeks ago or on the day before, you will enjoy it just the same.

Plans are great when they go as you hope.

But not all plans do.

Sometimes you just have to go with it and have confidence in yourself that in the end it will work out just fine.

It may have been a long yellow brick road, but the emerald city never looked so good.

Enjoy yourself everyone.

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