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What Would You Do With 500 Reborn Babies?

What would you do with a collection of 500 reborn babies? Well that is what happened to collector and artist Marilyn Mansfield.

Her love of reborn babies is not something that is new.

Marilyn has had a life long love of all dolls, so it is no surprise she found reborn babies.

Website Kidspot spoke with her.

reborn babies

“Marilyn Mansfield has an obsession with very cute and very creepy dolls. To date her crazy collection numbers around 500. She changes their outfits, combs their hair, and along with husband Danny, regularly takes them for a spin around the block in a stroller, or for a drive in the car.”

“Marilyn has carved a career out of her hobby, that along with real looking newborn baby dolls, also includes evil looking blood smeared dolls, creepy zombie babies, life-size dolls, and a doll called Ellie that was a rescue love doll.”

Reborn babies

“My reborn baby dolls are often taken for real babies, when we’ve been out walking in the stroller, I’ve also taken them out to restaurants. Most strangers are amazed at how lifelike they look – and people have become very shocked when they finally realise it’s a doll. It’s fun to see them bonding with the dolls – it definitely always draws a crowd when we’re out and about.”

“I’ve been fascinated with dolls since I was given a life-like baby doll, called a Real Baby when I was seven, I took her everywhere with me and named her Jessica. I still have her.:

“People often think the dolls fill a void because my own kids became too big for strollers, and that’s why I take them out, but that’s’ simply not true. Cuddling and mothering my dolls feels very natural to me – I really like dolls and baby stuff.”

Reborn babies

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