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Is a’Reborn Doll’ Shop Selling Fake Reborn Babies?8

In Orlando Florida a new mega store is opening. The store has what it is calling a ‘reborn’ (and I do use that turn loosely in this case) nursery.


A video has been going around that some of you may have now seen.

If you haven’t seen this video then you can by using thie link below.

Macrobaby reborn doll nursery video


“If you have a baby doll fan in your life, then head on over to MacroBaby in Orlando (near the Florida Mall). The megastore is opening a new reborn doll nursery that allows you to experience becoming a new parent. The life-like dolls are handmade, and range from $99 up to a $7,000 infant who breathes!”

So after watching this video my first reaction was that it is a nice idea, but all they are really doing is robbing real reborn artists.

The dolls themselves although cute are not real reborns.

They are clearly factory made.

They just look too doll like to be anything but.

There is no skill in their paintwork it mass produced.

Also the fact that they have sold out kits confirms to me even more that these babies are the Chinese stolen ones.

How can any real artist keep a shop like this stocked?

It would be impossible!

So by opening this store and flooding the market with so many cheap rip offs now all they are actually doing is killing this community a little more.

This will have a direct knock on affect to all reborn artists.

If people are being lead to believe that what they are buying in this shop are genuine reborn baby then they will not search for a reborn artist.

If this shop does well then they will no doubt open more.

That would be a disaster for our community.

It would impact the real artists so much and would also make it more difficult for the sculpters to want to make more new kits.

And you can’t blame them for that.

So what do you all think about this place?

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