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Details of Elies Enchanted Cradle

If I am honest I had never heard of Elies Enchanted Cradle before starting my Facebook group.

But I am so glad that I did.

elies enchanted cradle

Scrolling through my newsfeed I came across a picture of one of her babies.

That was it.

I had to have one.

elies enchanted cradle

His little face was so amazing that I couldn’t help but fall in love with him.

So with the help of the amazing Elie I was able to adopt my own Sansa baby.

He was painted beautifully, Elie managed to capture an amazing realism in him.

His eyes are adorable and with his wrinkled forehead he almost looks quizzical.

He came home with a great selection of clothing, some sweet outfits, one that I can not wait to get him into.

The baby was securely packed and care was put into making sure no damage would come to him.

The outfits were wrapped nicely and made the box opening really special.

When it came to opening him up I did enjoy seeing each little foot and hand.

But when I got to his face I was stunned.

He is so realistic, his face is one that I could never get bored of looking at.

When I see him I just want to cuddle him.

It is truely amazing what Elie can do.

She is an artist that I would be over the moon to work with again.

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