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57 Babies, Only 2 Real. One Lady’s Story

English Newspaper, The Daily Mail have done an article sharing one lady’s story with her reborn babies.

The reborn community is getting bigger all the time and it is great hearing more and more stories about different peoples experiences with them.

Many of us have more than one reborn doll and artist and collector Silvia Heszterenyiova is no exception to this.

‘Silvia Heszterenyiova, 43, from Sydney, has been sharing the story of her passion for ‘reborn’ dolls.

Reborn dolls Which are hyper-realistic infants that she dresses, tucks in at night and even takes on day-trips to the beach.’

Silvia’s love of reborns began on her 40th birthday when her daughter’s gave her one as a birthday gift.

One Lady's story

‘I have 57 children – but only two of them are human’:

Woman reveals her obsession with ‘reborn’ dolls – and says she’s even made exact replicas of dead babies to help grieving parents

This dedicated mummy even has all the equipment that any mother would have.

One Lady's story

One Lady's story

Now, Silvia is ‘mum’ to 54 other reborns, these have become part of her normal day.

These include a ginger-haired Demi, who is regularly taken out for days by the seaside.

Also super-cute Toby, who Silvia brings along on skateboarding adventures.

To read the full article in the Daily Mail please use the link below.
Full Daily Mail Article

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One Lady's story

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