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International Doll Festival 2022 Budapest

Interview with an amazing reborn artist. Albie Wentzel


Coming up soon is the Australian Doll show and many lucky reborn enthusiasts will have the privilage of taking part in an advanced rooting class run by the very talented Albie Wentzel.

Instead of doing my normal article about Albie’s work I thought I would try something new and do a quick interview with her, that way you could all see what she has to say, her own opinions.

So I will lay this out with a question and answer set up starting with a brief introduction about Albie from the amazing lady herself.

“These babies are collectable heirlooms and are your special gift in life.

My name is Albie. Angel Babies was founded by me and was born out of my love for art an all things beautiful.

This little nursery is situated in Stilbaai – the Bay of Sleeping Beauty, on the East Coast of the Western Cape , South Africa.

Besides the Angel Babies I used to teach ribbon embroidery and to restore porcelain for antique shops in Cape Town.

When I first saw these gorgeous babies I just knew I must have one. I started to reborn dolls in 2007. I love and enjoy this new art form.

These babies echoes the nostalgia of a bye gone era with a modern twist while embracing the elegance of fine sculpt work and enhancing the beauty even more with paintwork and rooting.

I only use the finest materials in making my babies. My standard is high, and I wouldn’t sell a baby that I wouldn’t keep myself

I finish all my babies with glass eyes, and use Premium mohair (unprocessed). My babies are stuffed with soft poly-fill and weighed with clean new glass beads.

I am proud to say that I am classified as a Master Artists and belongs to IIORA as well as Pra*ise.

I have won the Tiny Tots award for best rooting at Idex in 2013, best reborn award in the advanced category in 2014 at both the IDS and ROSE shows.

Two of my babies were also in the top 5 in the Diamond Awards.

In 2015 I was nominated as one of the Top 5 Reborners at the ROSE show in Denver, Colorado.

In 2016 I won the first prize for my Toddler at the Rose show as well as People’s Choice award

I also won the 2016 Diamond Award. In 2017 I won the Peoples Choice award for Silicone as well as 3rd place

I have been asked by Australia to do the advanced class for Rooting in October 2017 and will also do the Advanced Rooting Class at the IDTS show in June 2018.

First is what do you enjoy most about teaching a class?

“To share my knowledge with people, Helping them over the difficulties that I have experienced and had to learn hard way.”

What has been your most memorable moment in your painting journey?

“The moment when I won my first award at IDTS in the advanced divisionfor the best reborn overall,best skin tones and best rooting.

For me that was so awesome that they acknowledge the work I have put in over the years.”

What do you hope the people who attend your classes gain from it?

“I hope they gain the knowledge that they can do anything if they set their mind to it and keep on persevering.”

Can you say anything about what you are doing in your class in Australia?

“I was asked By Ronda Scott who is on the board of the Australian Doll Guild if I am willing to teach a class.

For a moment or two I could not believe it and, for me it is awesome that people still think I am good enough to teach them.

I told Ronda that I will do the Advanced Rooting class and I am really beyond happy to bring the knowledge that I have gained over the years to them.

That will be the same class that I will be teaching at IDTS in June 2018

What do you personally enjoy most about attending the shows?

That is the best things about the shows. You meet the most amazing people that will become friends in the years to come. But the best is the little ones.

She visited my table 5 times – her heart totally lost on one doll and did not want to go for the ones her mom showed her.

What will people learn from your class? Do they bring their own dolls or do they get given one to work on?

“Each one will bring painted head. I will teach them how to map different hair patterns and how to root (insert hairs into the vinyl head) the hair.”

“How to do mono rooting (one hair per hole)The different types of mohair and needles.”

“I will supply the mohair, needles, tweezers, scissors, spritzer bottle, rooting pillow, pencils for mapping the head and a tutorial to take home.”

I think it would be an honour to be part of Albie’s class.

I would love some feedback from anyone that attends.

So if anyone would like to tell me what that thought I would love to listen.


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Ashley Grinnell

Reborn babies are so sweet. I would love to win my first one 🙂

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