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Nadaleena's Nursery

Aloenka sculpt by Natali Blick

This kit was a brand new kit to me and I had never heard of it before.

But after spending some time researching it, I have to say that I now want one in my collection.

The kit makes a 40 inch doll when completed.

It has 3/4 legs, which end over the knees.

The kit does have full arms, which I think is a great feature for it.

Cloth body is needed for this kit, so when completed the doll is posable.

The kit does come with a vinyl torso.

Its head has a circumference of 18.5″.

Requires 24mm eyes,

This kit was produced in Germany in a Peach colored Vinyl.

I am going to add one to my collection one day. This kit really can make a pretty doll.

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  1. Stunning beautiful ? love masterpiece dolls

  2. awesome doll, i would have a armature put in it if I were you.

  3. I agree she is a beauty!

  4. I think these dolls are the best I know of and are beautiful to look at and hold/cuddle. They have because of their design, magical powers that will make you adore them. They can take the shape of anyone’s body and amazingly melt into you but don’t get too comfy as you wont want to get back up. You never own a cat, a cat owns you. These dolls are the same and you will love them real badly. The added thing is how realistic they are and when for the odd moment I might forget they are there, I jump out of my skin at how real and amazing they are. Everyone needs a Natali Blick Aloenka 40 inch. I haven’t yet ruled out that they communicate telepathically with you but don’t mind me, just get one and see what they do to you. After a few moments in your arms, THEY decide to get really comfy and fit you perfectly and eternal contentment seizes your whole being. x

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