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Spot the difference Saskia kit edition 1 and 2

So there are two different Saskia kits, I wanted to find out what the difference was between the two kits.

So I looked into it.

It seems that the first edition kits are numbered whereas the second edition ia not numbered.

Also the difference seem to be with the birth certificates. People say that the first edition does not come with one. The second edition does.

Please remember that I am not saying that it is true, it is just somwthing that I had found online.

Also people say that the eyes of both kits are slightly different.

Personally I don’t mind which edition I have as both are very cute and the face is still really sweet.

Have you ever seen any difference between the two kits?

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  1. ElizabethQualls

    I think the faces of the two kits are a little bit different as well.

  2. I have first edition and it came with a numbered certificate for a limited edition of 1605, released February to July 2016. The first eye size was too big as I found out for myself, though I still think the right eye is shaped differently as mine is more squinted than the left.

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