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Reborn toddlers hair is falling out. What do I do?

So I am sad to report that our reborn toddler Aurora will soon be bald at this rate.

We cant really do much with her hair now because everytime we brush it tons more comes out.

When she came to us she had so much hair.

It is so sad, but I have been back in touch with her artist and will be looking at sending her back to be re rooted.

Her artist is a wonderful lady that I have used for many of my babies.

So I am confident that Aurora can be fixed.

If rerooting is not an option then I would also look at getting a wig for her. Never had one before for a baby but it is something that I would consider.

It may even be something that I could look at in the short term to try and find a solution before she is sent back.

Either way we still love Aurora and are glad that we have her.

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  1. ElizabethQualls

    make a wig for her or reroot her hair

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