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Moving my reborns around again

Ok so we have some sad news guys, we are having to move house again.

Its horrible as I had just started to get the nursery sorted and now there isn’t much point trying to make it look good where we are now.

So I decided to move all the babies back upstairs again.

Which is what i have been concentrating on doing today.

I have to admit that I am actually quite happy with how it is going.

True that by the time I get completely happy with it I will have go move again but at least it will be good for a while without spending tons more money.

So the date we have to move by is end of June, which means I am going to be quite busy trying to find yet another house to rent.

I had considered setting up a go fund me page so that we would not have to move.

The owners of the house we are renting wants to sell during the summer and really it is cheap, only 19000 for a 4 bed house.

But even at that price at the moment without help I couldnt do it, although I am so fed up with moving that it is beyond a joke now.

But never mind, no use in moaning instead its time to buckle down and get things done.

So I will as always keep you updated.

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  1. Melissa Botterbusch

    Sorry you are having so much difficulty in your living situation. I’ll pray that you find a permanent home for yourself and your beautiful babies.

  2. love all your reborn babies and reborn toddlers they are so cute

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