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Do not buy from Still Moments Nursery

This is not normally something that I would do, but after five years of planning and waiting for a baby with still no signs of the baby reaching me, I think it is time to share with you.

So five years ago in 2012 i ordered a custom baby from Still Moments Nursery.

I was so excited about the process. I would watch her other Youtube videos and couldnt wait to receive my baby

I did the layaway option and it took me a long time to make all my payments, but I did pay in full for the baby.

Last April I recieved an email saying that my baby was finished.

I received pictures of my baby and was told she was ready to be shipped.

As you can imagine I was really happy.

It has now been a year since that email.

I still have no baby, whenever I try to email to find out where my baby is I get no reply.

So all I am left with is to think that my baby will never get here.

That I baby that I paid a lot of money for will be kept from me and that I may have to end up taking some form of legal action.

I did not expect this from such a well known artist and have been greatly disappointed thus far by the service recieved.

The pictures that I have of my baby may in fact be the closest that I will ever come to her.

All i want to do is cuddle my baby .

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  1. I hope I win a free reborn boy doll

  2. that really stinks tysm for the warnning. Im very sorry that you did not get your baby

  3. I hate it when people are not honest. 5 years is certainly more than long enough

  4. That’s terrible, will you be able to get a refund?

  5. ElizabethQualls

    oh my that is just so wrong for some one to do that..

  6. That’s ridiculous! I really hate hearing stories like this. I hope you at least get your money back.

  7. Its not fair you didn’t get your new doll I wonder if you can do anything against the company and receive it now

  8. wow that is horrible I hope you got your baby soon.

  9. I am looking at getting my first reborn doll but now that I’ve seen this post I don’t think I will get my baby from still moments nursery

    1. Did you get your baby?

  10. no way? i planned to buy from her as well but decided to comtinue searching! thank god i did. please take legal action

  11. I have Warm Fuzzies Baby Nursery. I haven’t made a baby in some time because of my health problems. I need to get back out there! Seeing beautiful reborn babies is stoking the fire in my soul!

  12. I have offered to remake this customer a brand new replacement baby free of charge. I was a new mum to my daughter Miah and dealing with post natal depression at the time, which is clearly seen in my work, I am so so sorry.
    I feel looking back that I could have done a lot better with her baby, and I truly hope she can bond with her new baby.

    Please accept my humble apology.

    Yours sincerely,
    Nikki Holland

    1. Thank you so much for your kind offer, I would love a new baby from you and to share my experience with everyone.

      1. What is lower I have full badly s girl ewes and drink I watch you all the time renee

    2. Attention:
      Nikki Holland
      Still Moments Nursery

      I have been contacting you and no response to any emails, as well as your website customer service message center and facebook to Stop purchase!
      As of January 17th 2021 for order on the 14th January 2021
      I have contacted bank financial institution about issue and reversal of full funds pending in this matter.

      No response/ Awaiting response / Cancel Order requested Full refund reversal due to me.

  13. I’m glad it seems to have worked out for you in the end. I ordered about a year ago, finished paying in early October nothing. The infuriating part is that she’s too busy to make the doll but she’s constantly putting up more ready to buy dolls, while having my money. I am so stupid, I politely waited long enough that I can’t open a case w PayPal. The doll was for adult daughter, I had to get another for that birthday. I really just want a refund – she can keep the 20% restocking fee, bc 80% is better than zero. Buyers, beware.

  14. Order8275 paid for November 27, 2018. Said it was ready to ship in March 2020. Do you think t is long enough to wait. This is way to expensive to be passing the buck on why it is here. I see you have some unhappy customers. I believe 6 months ago, you were working on the hair. So where is our order. Has it shipped? if not why not. My daughter who can’t have babies have been waiting so long an elephant could have given birth. You need to be more honest on how long it will take to make. In the meantime, you are breaking someone’s heart. How sad on how you run the business. We gave you all your money, now where is our doll.

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