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Do not buy from Still Moments Nursery

This is not normally something that I would do, but after five years of planning and waiting for a baby with still no signs of the baby reaching me, I think it is time to share with you.

So five years ago in 2012 i ordered a custom baby from Still Moments Nursery.

I was so excited about the process. I would watch her other Youtube videos and couldnt wait to receive my baby

I did the layaway option and it took me a long time to make all my payments, but I did pay in full for the baby.

Last April I recieved an email saying that my baby was finished.

I received pictures of my baby and was told she was ready to be shipped.

As you can imagine I was really happy.

It has now been a year since that email.

I still have no baby, whenever I try to email to find out where my baby is I get no reply.

So all I am left with is to think that my baby will never get here.

That I baby that I paid a lot of money for will be kept from me and that I may have to end up taking some form of legal action.

I did not expect this from such a well known artist and have been greatly disappointed thus far by the service recieved.

The pictures that I have of my baby may in fact be the closest that I will ever come to her.

All i want to do is cuddle my baby .

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  1. I hope I win a free reborn boy doll

  2. that really stinks tysm for the warnning. Im very sorry that you did not get your baby

  3. I hate it when people are not honest. 5 years is certainly more than long enough

  4. That’s terrible, will you be able to get a refund?

  5. ElizabethQualls

    oh my that is just so wrong for some one to do that..

  6. That’s ridiculous! I really hate hearing stories like this. I hope you at least get your money back.

  7. Its not fair you didn’t get your new doll I wonder if you can do anything against the company and receive it now

  8. wow that is horrible I hope you got your baby soon.

  9. I am looking at getting my first reborn doll but now that I’ve seen this post I don’t think I will get my baby from still moments nursery

    1. Did you get your baby?

  10. no way? i planned to buy from her as well but decided to comtinue searching! thank god i did. please take legal action

  11. I have Warm Fuzzies Baby Nursery. I haven’t made a baby in some time because of my health problems. I need to get back out there! Seeing beautiful reborn babies is stoking the fire in my soul!

  12. I have offered to remake this customer a brand new replacement baby free of charge. I was a new mum to my daughter Miah and dealing with post natal depression at the time, which is clearly seen in my work, I am so so sorry.
    I feel looking back that I could have done a lot better with her baby, and I truly hope she can bond with her new baby.

    Please accept my humble apology.

    Yours sincerely,
    Nikki Holland

    1. Thank you so much for your kind offer, I would love a new baby from you and to share my experience with everyone.

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