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Reborns are pieces of art,and beauty is in the eye of the beholder

My Heart Child Artist Stunning Work

One of the benefits of my site is the ability to bring you artists that you may not have heard of before. This time I wanted to share Patty Jarrard with you. Known more for her beautiful, personalised baby accessories, Patty, owner of My Heart Child, is also no stranger to bringing the most adorable […]

Beautiful Prototype Reborn Baby For Sale

This beautiful prototype reborn baby is currently for sale on ebay. I am not the artist of this sweet baby. Beautiful Reborn PROTOTYPE Baby Doll ~ Megan ~ Sam’s Reborn Nursery Painted Hair, sculpted by Menna Hartog Prototype Megan sculpted by Menna Hartog Please note, I do not make custom orders. Thank you Puppen-Traumland for […]

Show Your Best You At ID&TS


Whether you are attending this years ID&TS as a vendor or attendee, this is the ideal time to show off your best you. For attendees, so of you may keep your reborn life private, not letting others know of your love of the art. So what better time to really be you than when surrounded […]

Less Than A Month To ID&TS 2019

ID&TS 2019

With less than a month now until the ID&TS 2019 opens it doors and floods of doll enthusiasts roll in, spare a moments thougts to all those vendors who are currently working their fingers to bleeding point. Long days and long nights will be their lead up to the show. Of course it will all […]

Cute Reborn Doll For Sale

This cute reborn doll is currently for sale on ebay. I am not the artist of this baby girl. *PBN* YVONNE ETHERIDGE REBORN DOLL GIRL SCULPT HARRIET BY A K KITAGAWA 0219 HARRIET BY A K KITAGAWA LTD EDITION #162 / 700 Weight: approx. 5.400 lb / 2450 g Length: approx. 19 inch / 48 […]

Unique Baby Transport At ID&TS 2019

ID&TS 2019 attendees need to be ready to fall in love with the amazing designs made by the truly talented Susan Dizon Gibbs. Susan is by far one of the most talented ladies I have had the privilage to know. Not only are her babies simply adorable but also her designs on a sewing machine. […]

Rose Doll Show 2019 For All Needs

Rose Doll Show 2019

The Rose Doll Show 2019 is the perfect place to go to cater for all your reborn needs This includes the obvious of babies all the way to shoes. If you are looking for reborn accessories make sure you stop by Vivian Zamora table. Here you will be able to see some cute varieties of […]

Adorable Prototype Reborn Baby For Sale

Prototype reborn baby

This completely adorable prototype reborn baby is currently for sale on ebay. I am not the artist of this baby, but that being said I am completely blown away by this sweetheart. Sweet Prototype * Jasmine by Wendy Dickison * reborn * Jacqueline Kramer the sweet Prototype Jasmine by Wendy Dickison! Date of Birth: 14.5.2019 […]

Cute Reborn Baby Boy For Sale

This sweet reborn baby is currently for sale on ebay. I love how cute this baby is. I am not the artist of this baby. *PBN* YVONNE ETHERIDGE REBORN BABY DOLL BOY SCULPT LUCIANO BY CASSIE BRACE 0219 Perfect Bliss Nursery LUCIANO BY CASSIE BRACE LTD EDITION # 235/1600 Weight: approx. 5.940 lb /2690 g […]

Realistic Reborn Baby For Sale

This realistic reborn baby boy is currently for sale on ebay. I am not the artist of this baby. 🦉Hecklen’ Who’s presents Robin Awake by Nikki Johnston- Precious Tobyn Sinclair. Hecklen’ Who’s Professional Reborn Artist Rhonda Russell Viana (RRV) Tobyn Sinclair WEIGHT 6 lbs 1 oz LENGTH 23 inch I am so proud and excited […]

Cheeky June Awake Reborn Kit

Reborn kit

Reborn kits for babies always look so amazing when painted with love and care. This stunning June awake is no different. Created to capture this adorable sweetheart in realborn so her beauty shines through. This angel looks like a cheeky baby. Real baby June is the daughter of Ann, event coordinator for the ROSE International […]

Not Enough Men In The Reborn Community

Reborn doll

Our reborn community used to pride itself on the diversity of people in it. In the all included attitude that was taken. But now it seems that may have changed a little. I have been looking at all the members of my group and all the demographics that I have and it seems that over […]

Lifelike Tobiah Reborn Doll For Sale

Reborn doll

This lifelike Tobiah reborn doll is currently for sale on ebay. I am not the artist of this baby. Reborn baby Tobiah, reborn artist Olga Konovnina, sweet babies. Beautiful Tobiah with full arms and legs~ 24″~ 6.63 lbs~ fun to style. She comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from the famous sculptor Laura Lee Возрожденный […]

Kansas Doll Show 2019

Kansas doll show 2019

Kansas Doll show 2019 is going to be the second year for this awesome show and I for one can’t wait to see what this brings. With the first year being a huge success, the learning curve for Jenny would really have paid off. So thanks to that I am eagerly awaiting to see what […]

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